Monday, April 3, 2017

How We Can Advertise Your Business (3 Kids in a Closet Feature)

I’m part of a screenwriting group known as 3 Kids in a Closet, and we're looking for new customers.

If your business is looking to expand, increase publicity, or market a new product, you need an effective TV ad. Good thing writing videos is our specialty.

What makes an ad memorable?
Someone stops you in the hall and says, “Geico.” You might picture a green reptile with a proper accent. You might think of the number fifteen. If someone says that people in their hometown are farmers, you might suddenly find yourself humming, “We are farmers, bum-ba-dum-bum-bum-bum-bum.” Catchy jingles and loveable mascots are two elements of memorable ads.

What if your business doesn’t have/want a jingle or mascot? Well, take heart in the fact that you’re not doomed to poor advertising; memorable ads are also built on clever taglines and branding. Think of Capital One: Their branding is built around Vikings, but not a specific one, and in every commercial, they repeat the tagline “What’s in your wallet?” And you probably know as much about their company as a result of advertising as you do of Aflac (duck mascot) or American Family Insurance (jingle).

What do successful ads have in common?
Successful ads are built on understanding: understanding what makes an ad memorable and understanding what customers want. We’ve already highlighted some elements that make for a memorable ad—taglines, branding, mascots, and jingles—so let’s look at the second two points.

Whatever your business markets has a target audience. If you sell outdoor gear, you’re trying to attract the attention of people who want adventure or escape. If you sell books, you’re also trying to attract the attention of people who want adventure and escape, but of a very different variety. The difference should be immediately noticeable in your advertising in order to attract the right customers. Successful ads understand what their audience wants and how to show that they can offer it.

How can our screenwriting help your business?

We understand what makes ads memorable and successful. We understand what audiences want and how to best showcase what your business has to offer. Most importantly, we understand film and media. Communicating effectively through a visual medium is an art; it’s about more than just putting images, words, and music together on a screen. After a consultation with you, we can write a custom ad suited exactly to your needs. Contact us for a free consultation. We promise you’ll be sold by the end.

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