Monday, April 3, 2017

Every Film Needs a Script, and Every Director Needs a Screenwriter--or Three

I'm part of a screenwriting group known as 3 Kids in a Closet, and we're looking for more clients.

Directors and Screenwriters and Their Differences
A close friend of mine is a director in training. His greatest dream is to be able to direct big-budget films, to work with skilled actors in close quarters, and make a two-dimensional, black-and-white story come to life. But in order to make that dream a reality, he needs a story first.

He decided the solution to his problem was to take a screenwriting class. Over the course of the class, he found out how much he genuinely dislikes screenwriting--the outlining, he said, felt like a torture machine, and the writing process was the slow extension of the rack, pulling him apart inch by inch. In the end, he had an unpleasant story and a bundle of experiences even more so.

At first, he thought this was a reflection on filmmaking--that perhaps he should rethink his dream and choose a non-creative career since the process seemed to disagree with him so badly. But then he realized he still loved film and he still loved directing. It was just a simple truth that writing wasn’t for him.

I can understand--I’m a screenwriter, but directing and editing definitely aren’t for me. That’s okay. There’s a reason we have so many different people involved in the creative process of making a film. If you have one role that calls to you above any other--if you just want to revel in the breathtaking experience of making films come to life as a director--and you can’t write the story you want to create, well, that’s why you have us.

Who are we?
3 Kids in a Closet started as an accident. We were three novel writers working as closed captioning specialists and proofreaders for our university, and one day our supervisor came to us with a request from the video team--they had a few short video scripts that needed help. An easy job.

And we did it too well. They wanted a grammar edit; we gave them a video overhaul. And we blew them away. A few weeks later, in came a follow up project, then another, then another. Soon we were writing videos from the ground up, videos on commission. We wrote for professors in the psychology department, professors in the math department, university relations, senior projects for students, etc. And we took it upon ourselves to learn how to make excellent screenplays--after all, we had plenty of opportunities for practice.

To date, we’ve written 41 short screenplays on commission for clients and three full-length screenplays for personal projects. And we have more in the works. We would love to add yours, and we promise you won’t regret working with us. Contact us for a free consultation.

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